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A Specialist in Service of Documents & Debt Collection Field Visits Covering Christchurch & Canterbury




With 15 years in the industry and over 20,000 field visits, Jeff Swain walks the walk & talks the talk.

He cut his teeth in the gritty world of Repossessions.

As a Licensed Private Investigator (license number 15-023846) he specialises in

  • Service of Documents
  • Debt Collection field visits
  • Third Part Tracing & interviewing

After receiving many queries from individuals & businesses about the best methods of debt collection he is now an advisor on what company will best suit your needs.

With a vast knowledge of the debt collection industry he provides advice in the best possible solution for you.

Jeff is based in North Canterbury, he travels all over the South Island for both local & International organisations.



A field visit is a request from a creditor for a face to face meeting with a debtor. These usually come through a debt collection agency.   I represent many of the largest debt collection as well as some of the biggest insurance companies in the country; The 20,000 plus  field visits I have actioned over 15 years in business gives the firms I represent an significant advantage over those I don’t. To organise a field visit either call me or fill out the contact form below.

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Service of documents is a legal requirement when court documents need to delivered in person. In case of businesses this can be to the registered office or the directors of the business.

There are different types of documents; from Stat Demands, Notice of proceedings, marriage dissolution to Subpoenas in the case of my overseas clients.

I have done them all.

There may be a need to complete an affidavit thereafter.

I have been serving documents for over ten years all over the south island for local & international companies.

When you need documents served either call me or fill out the contact form below.

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Finding the right debt collection agency for your business can be overwhelming. Which one will get you the best result? What do they charge? How much time & attention will they give me? The truth is each firm has unique ways to help you. My fifteen years in the field working with many of these companies has given me a unique insight into how they work. I am now using this knowledge to offer firms a unique service. I will evaluate your business & its’ needs & then find the best fit for you. And the best thing for you is it is free! To find out more Make Contact.
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What areas are covered?

Whilst the primary focus is on Christchurch & North Canterbury, I also visit anywhere in the South Island as required.

I have contacts in the industry New Zealand wide who will meet your requirements.

How long will it take to get the job done?

Every attempt is made to complete visits as soon as possible.

If the visit is time sensitive please advise when completing the Contact Form.

What is the fee?

There are many factors to consider in setting a fee. It depends on what is involved & if travel is required. An individual quote will be provided once your needs have been assessed.

All visits are subject to GST.

What kind of report is provided?

Reporting is tailored to a format that best suits your needs individual requirements, reporting in the format need.